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Celebrating Volunteers at the Ottawa Sport Summit
On November 26, 2016 the Ottawa Sport Council will host the third annual Ottawa Sport Summit, in Lansdowne Park’s Horticulture Building. Featuring a panel of guest speakers, this year’s edition will focus on learning about, and celebrating, sport volunteerism in Ottawa.
Fall Concussions
As Canadians, we love the autumn season. We embrace the chilly temperatures, celebrate the changing of the leaves and look forward to the crisp, fresh air that comes before the plummeting cold and banks of snow outside our doors. It’s also a popular time to be outside in the great outdoors and enjoy recreational sports, such as football.
As We Sail Into September
Have you ever hit the high seas on a sailboat? Not only is it a great excuse to break out your Sperry's and striped ensembles, it's also great for your health.

A community sporting hero is someone who has made an ongoing contribution to sport in the greater Ottawa area. Nominate someone you know today.