Advocacy & Marketing

Social media and public awareness campaigns are integral to the Ottawa Sport Council’s (OSC) organizational growth. We offer the same services to Ottawa’s sport community. Advocacy and marketing services we offer include:

  • Public representation
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media promotion
  • Government relations
  • Media relations

What this means
OSC will serve as a “spokes” organization for sport issues, and use its website and social media channels as a marketing resource for your organization. We also invite sport organizations to list their events on our calendar. The social media team can profile your organization on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—making it easier for people to find you on the web.

OSC works with the City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department to ensure procedural harmony between local organizations and municipal government regarding priorities and policies. We also communicate with the media to ensure that sport organizations are represented fairly and accurately.

Want to get your organization’s name and vision out there? Contact us to find out what OSC can do for your organization.