Ottawa Sport Council Spring Sport Summit to Tackle Concussions

Save the date – we are excited to announce our upcoming Spring Sport Summit! We hope you will join us on Saturday, June 3rd, at the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club.

For our theme, we have chosen to tackle the sometimes controversial and evolving topic of concussions. The brain injury has been mentioned for decades (especially in the NFL and other professional sports associations) yet we are still discovering many new symptoms (long and short-term), rehabilitation techniques and ways to avoid concussions all together.

On June 3rd, we will bring together the experts in the field, to discuss the impact that a sport-related injury, such as a concussion, can have on the developing brain and how we can work together to ensure risk is minimal. We will advance the dialogue around the growing prevalence of concussions in sports through a series of presentations, and round table discussions.

While the Ottawa Sport Council has always encouraged sport participation, it has also worked to make the community sport landscape a safer space for all participants by facilitating learning opportunities—and there is compelling evidence that concussion education can decrease occurrences and minimize the impact of concussions in sport.

It is our hope that you will REGISTER your organization and be a part of the learning and the conversation.