Planning and Collaboration

Advisory Committees
Ottawa is home to countless sport organizations. With so many competing priorities among them, there is a need for improved communication between stakeholders. To address this, the Ottawa Sport Council (OSC) facilitates the creation of advisory committees, and invites both public and private stakeholders, as well as OSC’s own Sport Advocates to participate. These committees will find solutions to issues regarding:

  • Shared facilities
  • Existing and future development
  • Sport sector marketing
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Educational resources

State of Local Sport
The bi-annual report “State of Local Sport” will collect information from local sport organizations to examine the following topics:

  • Participation numbers
  • Challenges
  • Economic impact
  • Employment
  • Volunteerism
  • Consumer spending

Sport Summit
Held in November, OSC’s annual Sport Summit brings community sport organizations together for an engaging and educational learning session. The Summit touches on a mixture of organizational, athlete-oriented and developmental topics. Designated speakers lead the discussion, offering insight into specific areas of sport organization development.

Municipal Sport Strategy

OSC is working with the City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department to create a Municipal Sport Strategy. The strategy will ensure that as amateur sport grows—and blooms—in Ottawa, the quality of services will also evolve to ensure that the values of OSC are upheld—keeping sport inclusive, innovative, ethical and respectful.

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