Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity: Sports Inclusion

The Sports Inclusion Program at the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity aims to challenge homophobia and transphobia in athletics – to make sports a more accepting and inclusive pastime for all athletes, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We provide workshops to help spread awareness and understanding about LGBTQ+ issues in sports. […]

Volunteer Canada logo

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Canada supports organizations to develop strategies for recruiting and managing volunteers from every walk of life, age and cultural group. There are many services offered including risk assessment in volunteer positions, assistance with legal and ethical issues, and implementation of employer-supported volunteering policies in the workplace.

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Imagine Canada

Imagine Canada exists to work alongside other charitable organizations – and often in partnership with the private sector, governments and individuals in the community – to ensure that charities continue to play a pivotal role in building, enriching and defining Canada. Programs and resources are provided to help strengthen charities and their operations, so they […]

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Volunteer Ottawa

Volunteer Ottawa builds community by supporting the not-for-profit sector through education, fostering collaboration, and promoting volunteerism. For volunteer opportunities, as well as workshops and training, Volunteer Ottawa works to ensure local volunteers are well-equipped.

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The Ontario Youth Challenge

The Ontario Youth Challenge is an annual campaign called “Change the World” whose goal is to encourage high school students to volunteer in their community.

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Active Healthy Kids Canada

Active Healthy Kids Canada is a national charitable organization that works to “power the movement that gets kids moving”. It provides knowledge, insight and understanding to organizations to help them build better programs, campaigns, policies and strategies to increase physical activity among youth and children.


Body Sense

Body Sense is an outreach initiative dedicated to fostering positive body image in male and female athletes, proactively to prevent disordered eating and muscle dysmorphia.

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Motivate Canada

Motivate Canada uses sport, physical education and community driven development to improve the lives of young people. By harnessing the power of positive role models, sport and physical activity, Motivate Canada is able to engage young people, build their confidence and sense of self-worth, and increase their social and vocational competence.

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ParticipACTION is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting healthy and active living for Canadians. It links sport and physical activity with recreational organizations, government and corporate sponsors, to inspire and support Canadians to move more.

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Active for Life

Active for Life is a useful resource for parents regarding physical literacy. The research targets parents who want to raise healthy and successful kids, and provides them with expert advice, inspirational tips and activity ideas.