Bidding and Hosting Sport Events 101

Are you considering hosting the next big event in your sport town or city? Hosted by Jason Robinson from the Sport Law & Strategy Group, this presentation will tackle the challenges that local clubs and organizations face when considering an event bid. Often with limited resources and a largely volunteer driven core, the prospect of hosting and submitting a bid can be daunting to a local team. The contrast in bid processes, as well as the expectations from governing bodies, also provides unique challenges for each sport. Jason will attempt to demystify the big bad bid and convince your local club not only WHY you should host an event, but also HOW you go about setting the stage for this milestone. This presentation will highlight:

  • The benefits to local clubs and communities to hosting a sport event
  • Why the bid is such an important step in attaining success
  • Questions to ask when preparing a bid
  • Critical elements to building a successful sport event bid
  • Identifying what it means to be a great host

If you would like a copy of the slides from this webinar, please contact us

About the Speaker

Jason is a seasoned sport executive who specializes in event management, marketing and branding, and also offers strategic services in planning, communications and organizational effectiveness. He is well-known for hosting world-class events which include the finest attention to detail and a strong focus on the athlete experience. These events include municipal, provincial, national, and international championships. Jason has also assisted organizations in developing and enhancing successful marketing plans, fundraising initiatives, strategic partnerships and organizational effectiveness. An sport management (honours) graduate from the University of Windsor, Jason has a competitive sport background and is known for his leadership skills both on the field of play and in the board room.