Coaches – Nutrition and your Team

Are you coaching a young group of 6 and 7 year old community athletes or a competitive team of teens? No matter the age or the level, proper nutrition is essential for your teams performance and overall health.

In this webinar Kim will cover:

The key concepts of nutrition – a quick review of the Who, What and Why of healthy eating.

  • A review of common myths and misconceptions
  • Fueling, recovery and timing
  • On the road – eating during tournaments
  • Putting it all together – how to talk to your team

If you would like a copy of the slides from this webinar, please contact us

About the Speaker

Kim Gurtler is an energetic and passionate health professional. She is a certified sports nutritionist, a personal fitness trainer, a group fitness instructor, a coach and an athlete as well as a busy Mom to two very active kids. What Kim loves doing more than anything else is help people understand that healthy eating is not complicated – it’s about balance and getting the right information. She has been delivering informative and engaging presentations to young athletes and their parents, educating them on the impact of healthy eating on performance in sport and in everyday life. Kim has also been very involved with the Canadian Celiac Association and the Canadian Cancer Society running workshops on healthy active living. She appears regularly on TV, sharing healthy eating and living tips, writes a weekly blog, Kim’s Apron and does one on one food coaching.