Grants Demystified – How to Create a Winning Application

Our Fall Ottawa Sport Summit is just around the corner, with this year’s topic focused on Grants and Grant-Writing. The Ottawa Sport Council considers the needs of its members when setting the topic for the summits. This year, we had overwhelming requests about grants and funding for sport organizations. With that in mind, we have secured an expert panel of key industry players to provide you with their perspective of what creates a winning application.  You will want to ensure you SIGN UP NOW and reserve your spot!

In the meantime, here are some key strategies that will help with successful grant applications:

  1. Research shows that groups of three are effective in getting your audience to remember a crucial point. The groups of threetactic is a way to make a memorable impression with the words you choose. The words that stick in your mind forever usually come in groups of three. Some examples: blood, sweat, and tears; reading, writing, and arithmetic; and red, white, and blue.
  2. When you discuss your need or the need of your target population, you must stick to the facts. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules on how you present those facts. Write with the understanding that you increase your chances of success by touching the hearts of the individuals making the funding decisions.

Our upcoming 2017 FALL Ottawa Sport Summit, November 29, 2017 will provide broader information and the opportunity to speak to others in the industry. Make sure you register now to save your spot!